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Opposition is Scared Of Rosmah Mansor's Biography Book

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Malaysian Opposition few of the examples of people with third world country mindset with hopes of leading this country to become a developed country. As if they are the true democracy fighters which fights for freedom as same as other developed countries. As if they are the icon of transparency and integrity which could safe this already safe country.

Despite that, as they kept on insulting the government and Barisan Nasional, including the Prime Minister's family members on things that have nothing to do with the country's politics, they do not give any freedom to anyone to do the same thing to them. That is why we can see them boycotting and even burning newspapers that do not write the things which they like.

Even though they took the pride by saying that they are fair, but whenever any report is published which could threaten their interest, they would say that those are all accusations even if the matter is true. At the same time, their media often publish false reports putting blame on everyone but them.

The irony is, the government has never shut the opposition by stopping them from spreading accusations. Pro-government newspapers also often provide space for their leaders to provide statements, for example, when Hadi Awang denied that he wanted to be the next Prime Minister, following his statement during Muktamar PAS where he said that he feels exited to fill up the position.

But, Harakah nor Suara Keadilan have never reported any defence statement from the government. The most obvious example would be the EC's detailed responses on the accusations saying that this country's election is unjust.

The opposition also made the Prime Minister's wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansur as their main target in their political war.

As the country's economy getting more and more stable and that rakyat are getting tired of hearing the same street politics which are being brought by the opposition, it is not wrong for us to say that ‘Datin Seri Rosmah’ is the only target which the opposition have left.

What is it that they 'reviewed' about this First Lady? She is said to be a spendthrift, arrogant and even cruel.

It is weird that why would an evil person join in charity and social events? What kind of evil person would love children and defend women? What kind of evil person would fight for talented children as well as children suffering autism?

It should be true that the real evil person are the ones who denied all of her good deeds and covered it with extreme accusations? And now those people are afraid of Datin Seri Rosmah as she decided to defend herself after being 'hit' by these people.

As part of the effort, a biography book of Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor will be published in the middle of the coming January to respond towards all of the accusations which are linked to her.
The opposition then began to claim that the book is just another one of her publicity stunts.

It seems that 'justice' in the opposition's dictionary is defined as the ones which they do not like has no chance to defend themselves. That is why they are making fun of the book only to raise prejudice to avoid anyone from getting the real picture.

However, we believe that Malaysians are rational and they prefer to seek for the truth by listening to both sides of the story. If not, how can it be possible for Barisan Nasional to keep on leading this country until today.

Thus, we fully support Datin Seri Rosmah's story, all to ensure that rakyat could know her better so that they cannot be fooled by her husband's political enemies who are running out of issues to play as the election comes closer. 

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  1. As Salam Dan Salam 1Malaysia Bro.

    Mohon sangat2 di linkkan blog saya ini ye:

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    Semoga persahabatan bertaut dan menjadi pemangkin muhibbah antara kita. Cheewahhh. Hehehehe

    Tq bro. Sempoi blog bro..

    1. Tahniah anda menjadi penyambung lidah setan...upah anda sbagai blogger UMNO tu datang dari mana?...duit sumbanganuntuk UMNO dari tokey judi/arak?...atau duit rakyat yg disonglap?...tiap kalidapat elaun tengok&fikirkan darimana sumbernya...ALLAH maha mengetahui...

  2. yeker...kah3...bukankah buku ni salah satu faktor kejatuhan KERA jaan Najib?...sapa hingin nak baca tu...wanita UMNO jer...anak ambe baca dlm twitter &fb dia, budak2 U nak termuntah dengar Rosmah resmi buku dia tu....takut nanti ada yg terjumpa buku tu dlm mangkuk tandas jer...


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