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January 12 Rally To Legalize Anwar-Shamsidar's Adultery

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January 12 is an important date for Pakatan Rakyat where they will organize Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat, the sequel and climax of their desperate attempt to cause chaos in Malaysia as GE13 draws closer. Considering that a few of their previous demonstrations showed a huge decline in terms of number of supporters, this demonstration is hoped to be able to raise their supporter's motivation which is running thin.

However, at the same day, there is rumored that there will be another demonstration which will also be organized by the opposition. The demonstration is known as Himpunan Shamsidar, Azmin's wife who is the main character in Anwar Ibrahim's 1st Sodomy case. She is claimed to be Anwar's secret lover where their relationship is believed to have resulted to the birth of a child out of wedlock. What surprises us is that the relationship is said to have become possible through Azmin's blessing.

All of this is still in the trial record which is still being discussed in the political arena. And since then, no one really tried to clear Shamsidar's image. Her name stayed rotten, just as same as both Anwar and Azmin.

The highlight of the issue would be the media statement given by Nallakaruppan, Anwar's former friend cum Shamsidar's pimp, entitled “Nallakaruppan claims that Anwar is a bisexual".

Unable to handle the pressure of urging him to prove that Nalla's claim is not true, Anwar then filed a defamation suit against Nallakaruppan and a publishing company, Utusan Melayu (M) Bhd. which published the story. From there, the case will be heard in a few days from now where Anwar will have to face a few witnesses, where most of them are listed as his sexual partners - including Shamsidar. Unable to realize that he is falling to a trap, Anwar tried to appeal so that the names would be dropped from the list of witnesses. However, his appeal was rejected.

That is why, this Himpunan Shamsidar on January 12 is seen as Anwar's desperate attempt to ensure that Shamsidar would not become a witness. It is also seen as the first step towards clearing her name. Whatever it is, it seems obvious that Anwar is panicking and he is scared to face Shamsidar as well as other witnesses.

When the fact is, logically, if he is innocent, why ask for the names to be dropped? Shouldn't Anwar be happy because the names would prove that he is not a bisexual, like what is claimed by Nallakaruppan?

However, the opposition is saying that the demonstration is just another one of Barisan Nasional's stupid propaganda. With the huge scale Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat being organized on the same day, it is illogical to organize Himpunan Shamsidar as well, because it would never provide a huge impact.

It seems like opposition supporters somehow missed their own leaders' strategy. Didn't BERSIH previously rallied Himpunan Hijau along with them because they are worried that they might not get the number they targeted? Don't the opposition love to rally at places that are packed with people such as mosques right after Friday prayers?

We can even see the same strategy with Himpunan Shamsidar where it would be merged with Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat so that both the demonstrations could show huge amount of turn up.
Thus, opposition supporters do not have to question whether the demonstration is true or it is just a propaganda. It would be better for them to question why wouldn't Anwar accept Shamsidar as a witness?

We are certain, opposition supporters would definitely be able to guess the answer to that, because everything which is claimed against Anwar and Shamsidar, is true.

The demonstration to safe Shamsidar is just a demonstration to legalize the act of adultery between husband and wife with other people's husband. Himpunan Shamsidar is just a demonstration to cover one of the most dirty cases, especially the fact that it is case involving a politician who brings the image of Islam and wishes to be the Prime Minister of an Islamic state.

That is why, either this Himpunan Shamsidar is a propaganda or not, let us all think about it ourselves...

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