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"The Art of Self-Insulting by Alvin and Vivian Whore"

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Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee sex
It may not be too late to talk about the dysfunctional duo, Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee whom would have their heads on rewards should their Breaking Fast ‘friendly greetings’ reached the Arab world.   But lucky for them to be here in the land where the Muslims have better things to do than entertaining a couple of whores.

We assume that the whore couple are Christians based on their names.  And for that, we thank them for proving to us what ‘good Christians’ are all about.  They could be Buddhist or Atheist but still, it proves that it is not the Muslims who are having ‘problems in heads’ and it is not the Muslims who go around picking fights in this region.

In fact, the Muslims, except from expressing anger in the social media, don’t even lay a hand on them.  So, this proves that the Muslims are not violent too.

I’m not trying to get back at this couple as their immorality and stupidity is beyond anger, almost non-human.  No sane, civilized, human would put themselves at the lowest and proud of it.   I mean, even giggling happily?  It is obvious that they don’t have any sense of morality whatsoever or just don’t have any sense at all.

I don’t know what kind of environment did these two whores grew up in, but even the dumbest person on earth would have some dignity and don’t go around ‘doing it’ in front of everybody.  Even prostitutes know that what they are doing is not something to be proud of and wouldn’t publish it for the world to see.   So, there is no word that could even describe the lowest or the dumbest of human of what Alvin and Vivian Whore are.  Even the word ‘whore’ seems much too ‘decent’ to describe them.

That is why the only word that is close enough to describe the couple could be ‘animals’ as only animals have no shame ‘doing it’ in the open.  But still, animals don’t do it because they are proud of it and they don’t go around insulting people after that.   Therefore, Alvin and Vivian Whore, are less than animals.

And I can’t comprehend the fact that they are not locked-up yet - it must be our system or the people in our system.  These whores are not a couple of retarded who don’t understand what they are doing.  And they can’t get away just because they are inhumanly stupid and immoral?  I mean, they look like humans so they should be treated like human by making them pay for their action.  

Assuming that they are Christians, why don’t the Christians do anything about them?  I understand that we just had a visit from Vatican City, maybe we should ask the Pope about what he thinks about these whores. Or maybe we can ask the Pope, since when does Christians allow such action?  And while at that, maybe we can ask him about LGBT too, since some Christians in Malaysia seem to believe that LGBT is part of human rights.  

Perhaps, the DAP Evangelist like Hanna Yeoh can help sort it out because as long as I can remember, insulting and immoral acts, what more in the open, are wrong in all religions, not just in Islam.   Except from voicing out your disapproval, why don’t we see any of you pushing for the government to take action on the whores?  Things wouldn’t be the same if it is the Muslims who insulted other religions, right?  All of you would team up and hammered the government until the culprit is finally punished.    

Anyway, it is becoming clearer and clearer now that Islam is the only religion that makes sense.

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  1. To Christians,

    Moses is found in your Bible. He did not eat pork.


  2. Terbaekkk Bro, the best part in your article, "That is why the only word that is close enough to describe the couple could be ‘animals’ as only animals have no shame ‘doing it’ in the open. But still, animals don’t do it because they are proud of it and they don’t go around insulting people after that. Therefore, Alvin and Vivian Whore, are less than animals." Yep, that sounds like them! Kekeke!!! :)

  3. Assalamualaikum,

    Ada produk atau barangan untuk dijual?

    Ada perniagaan atau perkhidmatan untuk dihebahkan?

    Ingin membeli atau melihat pelbagai jenis produk dan barangan


    Daftar segera ia percuma

    Terima kasih



  5. u are what u eat...babi!


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