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Opposition Pact Leaders Fear The Truth-Integrity Pledge Will See Their Bluffs

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Every Malaysian is waiting anxiously when the opposition pact leaders would sign the Transparency Integrity Election Pledge as time passes by and the general election is drawing near.

S. Ambiga has the cheek to say that he would Prime Minister Naib TunRazak responsible to the pledge but why doesn’t she call on the leaders of the opposition pact to sign?

She knows that the pact leaders would cheat in the election and she is with them and that is why she does not even want to touch them.

So Malaysians now know the leaders of the opposition pact only knows how to condemn but never want to commit – the only reason anyone can think of is they wanted to cheat – that is why they will not sign the pledge.

If they have clean heart and mind and if they are true to their words to rid the elections of corrupt practices, they should emulate Najib and stand on their feet with pride.

But now they are not – obviously their minds are filled with thoughts how to cheat – and the get out of the awkward and sticky situation, they claimed the pledge is just a piece of paper that means nothing.

If that is so, then why in the first place they profusely and adamantly demanding that Najib proof himself clean and what not, claiming and alleging all sort of things but never at any time they said these so-called corrupt practices made then won four states and nearly took the over Parliament house?

But in their greed to take over Putrajaya, they continue playing politics of blame to divert the minds of voters from their weaknesses in not implementing the peldges and promises made.

Now when  the voters see through their bluffs, they went on election fraud and corruption and when dares them by signing the pledge, they back off with various excuses.

This, they thought can hoodwink the voters and this they thought can make them stay afloat until the voting day, while at the same time, they bring back P. Balakrishnan to continue the pace on Altantuya murder.

The opposition pact is actually being ‘checked mate’ and in their desperation, the leaders are grasping at anything to stay relevant, like now, crying out loud with their manifesto as though the voters do not know what they are and those manifesto are nothing more than just writings on the wall like graffiti paintings by irresponsible kids.

Probably the manifesto is exactly graffiti on the walls created by young people under the directive of shrewd old politicians who can always manipulate thinking voters are stupid fools who are attracted by just the beauty of the paintings.

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